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I am supporting individuals and teams in bringing forward a shared vision, gain insight into leadership challenges, develop their work and communication culture, and open up to collective shifts.

My work is lead by a vision of lovingly transgressing the boundaries of what we can imagine to be possible.
It is informed by methods for organisational change, community-building, embodiment, nature rites and from being co-founder and member of diverse collaborative projects and social movements myself.

collaboration through connection

I am Creating and Holding Space for Transformational Experiences

I facilitate the emergence of collective vision & values, creating space for honest group-communication, crystallizing purpose & principles, enabling fast failing and learning through collective project design and community building by the art of celebration.

In settings like offices, seminar-rooms and outdoor, we talk and move, and we use paper and notes, and receive insights through using our minds, bodies and our creativity.

I work with the following methodologies and approaches:

Dragon Dreaming

Hands on same as holistic process for collaborative project design and community building.

Social Presencing Theater

A practice based on mindfulness and embodiment to gain insight into systemic leadership challenges .

Theory U

Creative Writing, 3D-Constellations, Listening skills deliver fresh insight into tricky leadership questions.

Sharing Circles

A way to address difficult issues in groups, for conflict transformation and collective awareness.

Vision, Mission & Purpose

Collectively realize the vision, mission or purpose for your project/organization.

Participative Strategy Planning

Participative vision and goal setting leads to team alignment. We dig our heads and hearts into this in a team retreat or accompanied sessions.


Vision and insight processes with and in nature, for individuals and groups.


Using surveys in creative ways to make visible a groups knowledge, feedback, needs or dreams.

Collaboration Incubators

Networking experience and collaboration training that brings the best out in everyone.

Embedded Consulting

We are joining your project or organisations as members for four weeks up to three months and facilitate its development from inside out.


I create sessions & workshops, according to your organisations’ context. I deliver my services if various forms: within a 1-1,5 hour phone call, a 2-3-hour online workshop or in person, or a 1-3-day off-site seminar. Colleagues from the Vanilla Way network are available, if extra skillsets and capacity is needed.

body, mind & community


“We ran a Dragon Dreaming workshop with Manuela for our management team. We were not only able to clarify some important personal questions, but also to develop a common vision for our future cooperation. Manuela guided us very well through this whole process.”

Ela Kagel, Supermarkt Berlin, Project Space for Digital Culture and Alternative Economies

Manuela weaves a variety of backgrounds into her Dragon Dreaming Workshops: organizational/management tools go along with circle culture and ritualistic elements and her long experience with group work is palpable.She embodies for me a unique balance between clear and structured leadership and emotional openness. Manuela explains concepts concisely and shared a huge variety of different tools with us- whilst also personal expression, playfulness and integration found space during our time together.I left inspired, full of new ideas and with my toolbox filled up with many  practicable techniques to enrich and organize our community life. Thank you!

Anna Schuster, Löwenherzen, Intentional Community

“With a lot of trust and awareness in the group, paired with efficiency and the corresponding drive for action, the workshop was an enriching process for our orchestra, which now motivates us to go on.”

Juri de Marco, Director Stegreif Orchestra, Selfmanaged Collective

“An interpersonal conflict has been resolved, which was a burden for the group very much. No one wanted to work with the topic before, but Manuela guided us safely (with new methods for us). She has kept the room well and at the right moment set breaks or even ended processes.”

Nina Keller, Loose7, Intentional Community

“Words that inspire me to Manuela’s work style: respectful, breathing, holds the main thread, believes in the advancement that one senses and helps, goal-oriented, grounded, feedback-guided, value-free.”

Miriam Landsberg, Systemic Bodytherapist

“In addition to the practical goals that were achieved, there were also valuable personal insights that were not “on the agenda” for me.”

Sabine Helmer, Founder Café Hier & Jetzt

“If you like to get to the heart of your project quickly, do it with Manuela.”

Solveig Opfermann, Perspektive Oderberg, Civic Movement

All of what I have to offer emerged out of my choice of exploring my edges. On the edge, I’m touching upon the taboos – such as intimacy, money, privilege and witchcraft.

As I do not want to grow in only one direction, I practice different things. And I share them. Wrapped as workshops, trainings, journeys, retreats, festivals and projects of all kind.

What I share is what I love to practice. If „healing is the new punk“, my practice is my form of protest.


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Manuela Bosch is part of Vanilla Way

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