How does resilient collaboration work?

Collaboration Incubator Research

„So, what’s the value of the Collaboration Incubator?“ I was asked by my friends and allies Deborah Heifetz and Frieder Krups at our lunch meeting this week. I went home with this question. This is how I’d put it today:

This Incubator is a networking event for collaboration around global transformation. It has the intention to bring us engaged people together to build alliances around the big dreams we carry in our hearts. Dreams bigger than ourselves, dreams about essentially moving something in our social movements…  READ MORE

Beyond Healing -

on the Social Practice of Becoming Aware

The topic of healing is boring me to death. Going down the rabbit whole of, what childhood trauma, what ancestor story, what story of oppression, created what kind of disfunction, disease, personality issue. Trauma trauma, drama drama. I am so tired of it.

I value that there is awareness of the connection of hard to handle emotions and disease to past events, that there are rituals to heal our ancestral connection, that there are so many offers for healing and coaching your way out of something you like to change. Don’t get me wrong. I am participating and… READ MORE

On Power, Words and Disarming

How to release people and not fuck them up forever.

“It is complicated” I hear people saying about relationships. This probably means we cannot use common sense anymore to understand the other’s behavior and we don’t seem to find adequate responses to them, either. I think relationships are not a complicated thing to solve, but rather a complex being in their own right, that — if at all — we can learn to handle. Complicated refers to linear systems we can finally learn to understand, after studying them long enough. However, complex ‘living’ systems we can never fully understand, since their number of indefinite parameters… READ MORE

Vision Quest and the Role of Nature

The role of nature in supporting personal transitions

In the course of a lifetime, people have to cope with different transitions between life stages and social conditions, for example: from childhood to adulthood, being single to being in a partnership, between traveling from one place and arriving at a new place, from outsider to being part of a community. From personal experience, I know that some of these transitions can be difficult to differentiate between due to modern life. Standards and boundaries between home, partnership, job and community are blurring. It is sometimes even difficult to define which personal transition phase I’m in at the moment, quite apart from the fact that as humans, we are also in a major phase of both collective and social change. I suppose both play together in our personal challenges… READ MORE

Social Presencing Theater as tool for embodied transformative learning

Social Presencing Theater (SPT) is an art form and “social technology” that brings together social change with creative expression. Through a synthesis of mindfulness, creative embodied expression, and group dialogue, Social Presencing Theater directs our consciousness to our own body, as well as the social body, and its deeper knowledge. The word “Social” stands for people and groups, like in organizations and social systems… READ MORE

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